I) Public Hearing
a) Conditional Use East South Blvd
b) Zone Change 168 South Lancelot

II) Call To Order, Roll Call, Invocation, Pledge Of Allegiance

III) Approve Minutes
(1) Minutes September 1, 2020

IV) Citizens And Delegations
(2) Dr. Sheila Tiner
(3) Perry Henry – Audit Presentation

V) Administrative Committee
(4) Will Caudill – Updates
(5) Matt Hromalik – E911 Updates
(6) Adam Askew –
(a) Sewer Project
(b) Tank Maintenance Contract
(7) Mark Hawkins –
(a) Alcohol License, Veera Enterprise Inc, Magnolia St
(b) Conditional Use East South Blvd
(c) Zone Change 168 South Lancelot

VI) City Attorney’s Report
(8) Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance to substitute “Police Department” for “Sheriff” in
code of ordinances
(9) Resolution ACCG

VII) City Clerk’s Report

VIII) New Items Proposed By Mayor And City Council
(10) Flu Shots for City Employees
(11) Acceptance of House at 264 College Street
(12) Acceptance of Easement for Water Line to Airport

IX) Executive Session

X) Public Comments

XI) Adjournment