To inquire if natural gas is available at your location, contact Danny Williams 229-723-6455.

To connect gas residential utility services, you must:

  1. Fill out a Residential Application Package for Utility Services. Either download it here  or get it at Utility Billing in City Hall.
  2. Provide valid photo identification
  3. Proof of property ownership or lease/rental agreement
  4. Return filled out application to Utility Billing where a credit check will be done and your deposit will be determined.

Gas Fees

  • Residential Deposit                                      $0 or 100.00
    Based on Credit Rating
  • Commercial Minimum Tap Fee             $200.00
    To be determined by application type
  • 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Service Charge      $45.00
  • After Hours/Weekends                               $60.00

The Gas Department maintains gas lines within the city limits. We will clean space heaters by air compressor and ignite pilot lights.

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, evacuate the building and call City Hall at 229-723-3677 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. After hours, call the Blakely Fire Department at 229-723-5150. If you are experiencing a natural gas emergency, call 911.

Click for the Excess Flow Valve Notice

Click for the Natural Gas Public Notice

Dig Safely!

If you plan to dig, call 811 at least two days before digging so the Utilities Protection Center (UPC) can mark underground utility lines.

If you do not call and you hit an underground line, you could be hurt or killed. You may also be held liable for costly damages.

Here are some simple excavation safety steps:

  1. Survey and Mark – survey proposed excavation areas and mark the sites in white paint
  2. Call 811 Before You Dig – It is the law! at least two working days prior to excavation
  3. Wait the Required Time – Allow the UPC the time to locate and mark the lines
  4. Respect the Marks – Maintain visibility of the marks and safely follow them when digging
  5. Dig with Care – Hand excavate within 18 inches of each side of the lines
  6. If your equipment makes contact with a gas line:
  7. Leave equipment; don’t turn off engines or generators
  8. Warn others and leave the area quickly
  9. Do not operate any gas pipeline valves or stop the flow of gas
  10. Leave the excavation open

In a natural gas emergency, call 911, then the Blakely Fire Department at 229-723-5150.

Thomas Tye
Department Head
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