Welcome to the City of Blakely Resident Services. Here is where you can come for information and links to all things a resident (new or existing) of the city might need to know about. Connecting/Disconnecting Utilities, Entertainment Options, Trash Pickup Schedule, area Schools, and more.

For information regarding getting Power, Gas, or Water/Sewer services turned on, click Utility Services

For information on Cable TV options, click Cable TV Options

For information on Internet options, click Internet Options

To see what your Trash Pickup schedule is click Trash Pickup Schedule

Additional items that might be of interest to you are Licensing and Permits

For Landfill location and details click Landfill

The City of Blakely even offers a fully maintained Cemetary with plots for sale. Click on Cemetery Services for more information

Use the following search tool for locating Schools in our area: (in the Search Bar enter Blakely, GA or 39823) School Locator

To locate churches in our area click on the Church Locator

To locate synagogues in our area click on the Synagogue Locator

To locate mosques in our area click on the Mosque Locator