Jeff Young
IT Director


The Technology Department encompasses all technology that facilitates
the processing, transfer, and exchange of information and
communication services. We are responsible for providing the
infrastructure for automation, building, and maintaining the
infrastructure that enables other city departments to deliver services
our citizens expect. We administer all devices, computers, networking
components, applications, and systems that allow our employees and our
citizens to interact in a digital world.

Technology has three primary responsibilities: governance,
infrastructure, and innovation.

1. Governance - the operational parameters for the use of
applications, systems, and networks. This includes, but is not limited
to, standardization of services, application management, and
network/data security.

2. Infrastructure - the hardware components, the network, and all
other equipment necessary to ensure the entire technology system
function according to the established needs of the City and its

3. Innovation - the most apparent task performed by the Technology
Department. Change refers to a constant improvement model creating and
maintaining operational efficiencies that accelerate and enhance the
productivity of all functional areas of the City.

We are dedicated to delivering professional service in a courteous
manner to every department at the City of Blakely and to all
residents, and continue meeting their growing technology needs.