The water and sewer department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of water and sewer lines throughout the city. We are committed to providing service with minimal interruption or inconvenience to our citizens.

To connect water/sewer residential utility services, you must:

  1. Fill out a Residential Application Package for Utility Services. Either download it here  or get it at Utility Billing in City Hall.
  2. Provide valid photo identification
  3. Proof of property ownership or lease/rental agreement
  4. Return filled out application to Utility Billing where a credit check will be done and your deposit will be determined.

Deposit                        $0 or 75.00
Based on Credit Rating

Water  Tap Fees        

¾”         $400.00

1”          $500.00

2”          $900.00

Sewer   Tap Fees       

4”          $500.00

6”          $750.00

Service Charges  If it is determined that sewer backup is the customer’s responsibility.  

Business Hours $45.00

After Hours          $60.00

To report a water leak or a sewer problem Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, email or call City Hall at 229-723-3677. After hours, call the Blakely Fire Department at 229-723-5150.

Lane Davis
Department Head
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